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Authors so frequently excoriate Christine for not wanting to stay with the Phantom, ignoring the fact that he lied to her for her entire life, stalked her, kidnapped her, abused her, terrified her, murdered people, sabotaged her workplace and the source of her livelihood, and threatened everyone she loved in pursuit of his own goals. Yet somehow, the idea that he did all those things FOR LOVE motivates many writers to forgive them, and to correspondingly bag on poor Christine for not responding with love herself, as if somehow the fact that he loved her meant that he was allowed to do anything he wanted to her and excused every terrible sin and act of terror he committed. It feeds into a very awful cultural idea that men who go out on a limb FOR LOVE should be rewarded by the affection of the woman they want regardless of who she is, what she wants or whether she has any interest in him, because she’s merely a reward for his devotion rather than a person who gets to make decisions herself; and therefore Christine is derided - constantly and without mercy, in this book - as a horrible selfish person who has committed the ultimate in sins by refusing to do what this guy wanted her to do just because he wanted it.

- Anne Myers, Return of the Phantom: Le Coeur Loyal review, 2014 (via absynthe—minded)

Yes to all of this! These are very important points. Erik did not *deserve* Christine. She was not his consolation prize for having a wretched life. No person, no matter how awful their existence has been, can use this as justification for laying claim on another individual.

Christine is a free agent. Leroux asks us as readers to celebrate her free will and to support her decisions. She sets boundaries for both Erik and Raoul, and it is clear that both men are following her lead.

Christine is also an incredibly kindhearted, generous, and empathetic person. She shows Erik the only genuine sympathy and affection that he has known in his life. She sees beyond the monster and acknowledges the man in him, and her kindness ultimately saves him.

The attack on Christine is ultimately an attack on women in general. There still exists in our society the notion that a man can lay claim on a woman regardless of her wishes. People who call Christine a “bitch” for not staying with Erik after he releases her, but instead advocating for herself and choosing to follow her happiness, are supporting this false notion that a man who has expressed his desire for a woman can effectively own her.

Gaston Leroux, a man writing more than a century ago, held more progressive and enlightened views than some of Phantom’s modern readership. Leroux was a feminist, and he wrote Christine to be the mistress of her own actions, and the chooser of her own fate. The strength of Christine’s will ultimately overcomes and triumphs, and even Erik acknowledges her will and does the right thing by letting her go. So rather than denigrating Christine for not sacrificing herself to this man who has been so destructive in her life, we should instead celebrate her for being an autonomous individual who makes choices that are in her best interest. (via fdelopera)

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girls don’t like boys girls like cake and female protagonists in video games

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Devil May Cry: Concept art
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Revenge solves everything.

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Like mother, like daughter

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I don’t care if he had that crazy hunter bitch breathing down his neck, I don’t believe Mr. Argent would have uttered that code of "We hunt those, who hunt us." If so, that is some serious regression in character development. We spent almost a whole season and a half of Allison and her dad…

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Yeah,the situation has gotten abit out of hand…No worries,that’s what the inquisition is for.


Yeah,the situation has gotten abit out of hand…No worries,that’s what the inquisition is for.

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